• Protinex 180g

Protinex - 100% Vegetable Cholesterol Free Protien Nutritional Supplement


- Protein extract, vitamins, minerals and sugar NF


- Add one spoonful (spoon provided) of Protinex original powder to a glass of milk or cup of tea

Each 100g contains approximately 

Protein hydrolysate56 g
Vitamin A5333.33 units
Vitamin B1mononitrate USP3.33 mg
Vitamin B2 phosphate USP4.56 mg
Vitamin B6 USP1.66 mg
Vitamin B12*1.66 mcg
Vitamin C USP83.33 mg
Vitamin D3 USP333.33 unit
Vitamin E acetate USP16.66 unit
Vitamin K3 USP0.43 mg
Niacinamide USP50 mg
D-Panthenol USP3.33 mg
Biotin USP33.33 mcg
Folic acid USP166.66 mcg
Choline bitartrate500 mg
Extract of malt BPC10666.66 mg
Tribasic calcium phosphate NF1333.33 mg
Ferrous gluconate USP56.66 mg
Sugar NF31 g
Excipients & flavouring agentsq.s


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Protinex 180g

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