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Delivery Chart

Order Total £50 or more and weight <20 kg (without heavy items) - FREE 

Small Orders weight is less than 2 kg with no special items - £4.99 *

Medium Orders weight is less than 5 kg with no special items  - £6.99 *

Large Orders weight is less than 10 kg or Orders with special items - £7.99 *

Large Orders weight is less than 20 kg or orders with Heavy items - £9.99 * 

* If you are ordering more than 20 kg, please split the order. System will not allow you to add more than 20 kg to a single order as that's the MAX limit of shipping package.

* Above charges are defined based on package weight. But some items which require special handling (eg: Kithul, Bigger bottles) might goes to higher weight band because they require extra shipping charges. So even their package weight is lower the charge band might be higher