About Us


UK POLA is a venture by Universal Suppliers Ltd ( USL), main or sole importer & Distributor of Sri Lankan based food items in  United Kingdom, France and Italy. UK POLA is primarily designed to serve Sri Lanka’s who live in United Kingdom  to be able to order groceries and other Sri Lankan merchandise shipped to their doors step. The products will be shipped directly to you from USL warehouses in Wembley and packaged in our centres in London, so very fast and reliable shipping options could be offered.

Business Type

Manufacturer, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler

Main Products

Biscuits , Beverage , Rice , Coconut milk powder , canned fish (ready to eat), Dry fish , sanitary products , spices , noodles , rice flour , jam , cooking essentials, pickles and chutney, cakes , health care products , 

Largest Importer to Europe from Sri Lanka

Currently we enjoy being the largest importer to Europe of major Sri Lankan based food items including Nestle Products, ( Coconut Milk Powder, Maggi Noodles, Nestomalt), MD, Larch, E/House, Munchee, Maliban, Delmage, Harischandra, MDK, Nikado, Ceylon Fish ( Dry Fish with EU approval Licence), All type of Species, Tea, Fresh Coconut, Sri Lankan Rice and many other items.

Due to the large volume we purchased on Export terms form major companies in Sri Lanka, we have the ability to obtained the best possible prices and have the best experience for exports through Universal Suppliers Ltd (USL).

USL is fully licensed and registered distribution company in UK.  Initially it was incorporated 12 years ago purely to service the USL UK, however due to greater volume of experience and relationship with Sri Lankan food manufactures now in full operation of doing consolidating (LCL/FCL) and exporting food items to many destinations i.e. all Europe, Middle East, Dubai and Canada etc.